Phase II Environmental Site Assessments


When circumstances require additional investigation, or the Phase I ESA indicates a potential for environmental contamination, a Phase II ESA is typically required. A Phase II ESA is a site-specific assessment which involves collection of soil, groundwater, and/or air samples, using any number of technologies deemed appropriate for the site. The Phase II ESA is designed to investigate areas of concern as determined by the Phase I ESA. Common areas of concern include:


  • Locations of Former Underground/Aboveground Storage Tanks

  • Areas of Pesticide/Herbicide Use/Applications

  • Locations of Spills, Leaks or Other Discharges

  • Floor Drain Discharge Areas

  • Drum Storage Locations

  • Landfills 


Results of laboratory analysis, field screening analysis, and visual and olfactory observations made at the site are used to determine whether or not a significant impact has occurred, and whether or not site conditions meet State and Federal regulations.


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