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Environmental Reviews


Developers, municipalities and other parties who will be seeking Federal funding through HUD, USDA Rural Development grants or insured loans or other Federal sources, require completion of a National Environmental Policy Act Environmental Review (ER).   This is true whether Federal funding is sought through state/local housing authorities, community development authoities or directly with the Federal agency.  An ER includes a wide array of intermingling environmental regulations which require  specialized assessments or investigations. How environmental regulations are assessed and a project modified to achieve compliance is tied to the Federal funding source and specific funding programs within that source.   Attempting to navigate the applicable requirements for each funding source  is an overwhelming and very time consuming process for applicants. 


Understanding how to manage the Environmental Review process and the implications of every step of the process to the project only comes with experience.  SRW has over 20 years of experience completing ERs in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont, including experience from both the regulatory and private sides.  Because of this experience, several responsible entities rely on SRW review their own internal Environmental Review process, provide advice or peer reviews, or to provide Environmental Review training for in-house staff.


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